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This website was launched on 30th April 2017 by shreyash salavkar to provide legit information about youtubers and products reviews which are filmed on youtube (which could be a paid review or non-paid review). The main goal of starting this blog is to build an active community of youtuber's to share their content and experiences.

My Story

Hello, Myself shreyash I'm 22 year young passionate photographer and Video editor from Mumbai, India. How I started..? from my college days I love filming videos and edit them so started filming from smartphone camera and now Filming on DSLR. Learnt film making and editing process on a professional level and got success in it. My First short film was shooted with my friend's  DLSR for making this film i was having my own script and editing software on my system. So after releasing my first short film on Youtube channel the response was fabulous. Everyone praise me for my work and that was the first boost to get into youtube content creator as my passion and i started shooting product reviews cause i was not confident enough to show my face on camera and now m uploading my vlogging with facing the camera and  exploring travel and lifestyle vlogs which helped me getting engaged with audience and turned my channel viewers to subscribers

Thanks to all my subscribers for their love and support.


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Hello friends, if you love watching street vlogging and exploring markets in Mumbai, India. Then hit this button to direct to my youtube channel.