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BUY NOW – Iphone 7 (32GB) at 43,999

Huge price drop on Iphone 7 and also other iphone series on Great Indian Sale by AMAZON. Iphones in india are like buying a jwelery to show your status. Yeah no doubt its a stunning performance smartphone on this planet but when it come to price its worth if you buy in foreign countries (Outside India). Orelse we need to wait for price drop so that is the reason and today is that day Iphone 7 is getting at only 43,999rs in the Amazon Great Indian Sale.
If you are planning to buy one then buy from the above link it will direct you to the amazon offer page.

Why should you buy Iphone 7 ?

Performance is the key feature of the Apple’s product with its stunning looks and super innovative dual camera to shoot great picture and HD videos. If you are heavy user looking for smartphone which has buttery smooth multitasking performance Iphone 7 is that beast.

Check out this article by Indianexpress.com

What I Dislike about Iphone 7 ?

Iphones are likely to be the best smartphones on the market right now but when its come to customization, You are not allowed. Its like a girl friend with lots of compromises and conditional relationship. The Home screen is only thing you can stare at. There is no notification led on the top front bazel to notify you. To disconnect the incoming call power button is the only key. where android has high customizability.

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