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Maakichuu….. Bhuvan Bam launched new character Titu Mama on his channel ‘BB ki vines’ Just loved that character like Papa Makichuu.

Titu mama says,
“Virginity aur Fixed deposit
Maturity ke baad hi tudva sakte ho”

The best part of Titu mama was when he plays hide & seek with bhuvan and bhuvan’s mami (kavita). Ohh yeah!! The actual game was the untold, but he got it. This mama is so funny/horny that he couldn’t control his Ohh yeah! feelings on bhuvan’s 5th birthday he went inside the house (party was outdoor type) with kavita mami for hours ‘Seene me aag lagi thi… ‘.

This video went crazy got 1 million hits within 24 hours and the fan base of BB ki Vines are going crazy for him. We expect more uploads for him per month. He is the perfect example being a youtuber, he is not consistent uploader but what he delivers is the great content, Entertaining content. Thats what youtube wants their content creator to focus on.

For me,
“Content is king….
Quality is Queen…”

If you are a content creator you have to focus on both to produce a beautiful video.

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This Video crossed 5 million hits till now. BB ki Vines is the first youtuber for growing faster as Youtuber.

Issi tarah logon ko hasaate raho….
Keep up the good work.

Check out BB’s latest news and updates on his Instagram. There are many fake id’s of Bhuvan on Instagram but this one is real one.


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