Casey Neistat Vlog free copyright music

Everyone searching for free best Casey Neistat copyright free music to monetize their youtube video and generate revenue and avoid strike on video. I am inspired by casey niestat videos to shoot my vlogs. Not copying him but he motivates me to get my gear out and hit the record button. For making a complete beautiful video music play important role to turn your video to be the best.

So Where Does Casey Neistat Find Music For His Vlog? And What Type Of Music Is it?

Casey Niestat uses Soundcloud as free copyright music for his vlogs. If you are unfamiliar with Soundcloud, its essentially the Facebook of music sharing. It allows musicians to share, promote, rate and collaborate with other creators.
You download Soundclound music for free if its free to use. Soundcloud is like youtube for music creators.

Can I use Casey Neistat’s music in my own videos legally?

Most of the music Casey uses is from artists who want everyone to hear their stuff.

You would find playlists on YouTube with Casey’s music and you can find other music from the same artists. These are artists who would not have copyright on their content and their music would be free to use.

Always great to give them credit on your videos though!

List of casey neistat vlog free copyright music

00:00 Jeff Kaale  – Strawberry
03:20 Shine (Safakash X Maxwell Young)
06:22 Jeff Kaale – she knew
07:48 Ben Murray-Smith – Saffire
10:40 Jeff Kaale – lady
12:47 Jeff Kaale – lonely but okay
14:46 Jeff Kaale – zen
18:47 Joakim Karud – Holiday Blues
21:25 Jeff Kaale – froyo
22:54 Jeff Kaale – Happy Days (rmx)
24:44 dyalla – Can’t You See
28:06 Jeff Kaale – The Art Of Cool
30:28 Panthurr – The Open Road
34:00 Aqua Stone Throne – Hope You Dont Mind
36:37 maxzwell – Buttered Popcorn
39:38 Engelwood x Jeff Kaale- Woah
42:01 Joakim Karud – Road Trip
44:48 Joakim Karud x Dyalla – Wish You Were Here
48:30 Corey Gagné – Ice Tea
50:50 maxzwell – Future
54:57 Jeff Kaale – you
57:12 Joakim Karud – Beach
59:21 Vloggy
1:00:46 Kronicle – So Beautiful

1. Cosmic Fogg-
2. Say Good Night-
3. Tea Walk-
4. Warm-
5. Rap Dreams Lowercase n-

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  1. If you love Casey and want to know the details of him , what type of music he used? From where
    and in what manner then this blog will answer the questions of all of you. The
    best part is that, they are giving free music which is awesome especially when
    you are hit again and again by copyright issues

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