How to download and install Paid apps

Why to pay for Apps ? So everyone searching for alternate method to download paid apps for free. In this article I will show you how to download and install paid apps for free legally.
Google released new app called “Google Opinion Rewards” This app was already available for  US and UK now it is release for other countries too and this app is completely free. So you must be wondering how it could be possible that on one side google play store selling apps and on the other side as google is give you paid apps for free.

“In the real world, you will get nothing for free”

How Google is providing Paid apps for free Legally ?

Google is smart enough to hold its users and advertisers to make a great profit and create win win situation for all. What google did is, via this new app google gave us opportunity to earn money with surveys and get credited in your google wallet and with the help of that credits you can download those paid app for free. isn’t google that smart… But i would say thats the cool system to download the app legally where the developers are also getting paid off and the end users getting benefit of paid app without any patch files to cheat developers.

What we need to do to get Paid apps for free Legally ?

Just download the app, and complete those surveys and increase you wallet balance to buy whichever paid app you needed as simple as that.
If you need a complete demonstration of this app, check out this video which is completely explained about the app in HINDI.

Its like earning money and spending on paid apps. Whats the idea behind developing such a app. The reason was there are so many app which will run you to watch ads, complete survey and what not. and users started accepting such things to spare time and earn rewards or money with the app. Their are lots a post and youtube videos spamming about how to earning money from their android phone. Yes there are lot of apps as online money making source. But due to this the real developers and advertisers are getting affect by such invalid activities.

So Google bring out the solution for both end users and Developers and also their advertisers.

Google Opinion Rewards – DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW

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