How to Grow a YouTube Channel – 10 Small Youtuber Problems

  1. Not getting noticed, discovered on Youtube
  2. Not getting Subscribers
  3. When should you monetize your video
  4. Can’t effort video Editing Software
  5. Big Youtubers won’t collabe with you
  6. Not getting views
  7. Advantage of youtube mobile app
  8. Stop comparing with other Youtubers
  9. Not Consistent enough to upload
  10. Maybe i should Quit

While growing a youtube channel we face many problems and the worst thing about collaborating with big youtuber’s is that they don’t give shoutout. So it feels bad about it. For the first problem we can say the lac of knowledge about SEO ranking and searching for the best keywords or popular keywords.

Not getting subscribed on youtube is the biggest pain while spending sleepless night on editing youtube videos to grow more audience. Best option to gain more subscribers is add the best intro and outro speech for asking viewer to subscriber your channel. This is the best key to convert viewers into subscribers.

If you’re afraid of spending money on Video Editing Software then you must try this below free editing software’s which may help you out.

  1. WeVideo
  2. Blender
  3. Lightworks

Always stay connected with your audience, reply to their comments as soon as possible to gain genuine subscribers. Youtube Creator Studio app is the best option to be in touch with your audience and keeping monitoring on your analytic status.

5 important tips  to get views and subscribers check out this video if you are a beginner and starting your youtube career now.


Being a Hobbyist Film maker and Youtuber i was never consistent about my new uploads just because of my studies, so priorities were never the same. Whenever i got holiday i use to get my gear out and shoot my vlogs. So this is the reason why I am lacking for gaining subscribers on my SHREK94 YT channel .

I had done colab with ‘Ur Indiaconsumer’ i might say that was not colab but shooted meetup vlog and Interview Vlog but apparently got no shoutout and no share. So sometime we wonder after colaboration we will get notice to their audience but nothing happens like that

“There is NO shortcut, keep pushing yourself

Create your own opportunity”

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