iphone xr top 20 features

iPhone xr is very highly anticipated release for apple. Also apple claims that its a budgets phone for all. well its a half true, for some Asian countries it is hell lot of buck spending on a so called budget phone. But not on the top line of Flagships like iPhone xs and iPhone xs max. iPhone xr is still so popular in my opinion just for what it offers is its specs and pure value. This iPhone is definitely a better buy option than iPhone xs till date. Check out this beautiful video uploaded by 9to5Mac Youtube channel which is one of my favorite tech channels on youtube.

6.1 inch Display looks smaller

iPhone xr offers 6.1 inch LCD retina display, which on spec sheet definitely sounds bigger. But apple beautifully managed to keep it small and functional although it has thick bezels but once you get the device in hand you wont find those thick black bezels.

iPhone xr with A12 Bionic Chip

The most powerful processor, same used in iPhone xs and xs max. so there is no compromise with performance compared with so called budget iPhone xr. So that a absolutely key feature to make a purchase. The more interesting fact about iPhone xr is scoring more points in CPU bench mark test compare to iPhone xs max.

Enhance Wide Angle Camera

Its a same camera which is bundle with Top end apple Flagship. yes off-course the iPhone xs max. but this time iPhone xr performing better for portrait mode. It captures Portrait photos with that same wide angle size photo with better image processing.

60 fps Front facing camera

This Front facing camera is also same as the iPhone xs max. And it supports Full HD video which is 1080p at 60fps which is definitely cheery on the top.


For the first time on so called budget iPhone introduce animoji Application. Where you can create your custom animoji.

Portrait mode

Portrait mode on iPhone xr is performing a way better than iPhone xs or xs max. On iPhone xr portrait shot are completely wide angle shot.

But portrait mode on iPhone xr only captures human for that blurry background.

Advanced Face ID

Fastest and most secure way to unlock your smartphone is face id. Till date apple manage to be on the top in terms of security and precise functioning with a combination of hardware and software.

iPhone xr offers beautiful Colors

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Yellow
  5. Coral
  6. Red

Battery Life

If we look at the specs of our latest iPhone line, iPhone xs max offers bigger battery then other two. After taking the phone off charge at 8am, the iPhone XR will easily see me through to midnight without requiring low-power mode and with roughly 30% remaining. That’s with multiple email accounts, photos constantly being backed up, and the usual array of browsing, messaging, gaming and calls. Standby time is great too, so even with 30% left at night, it’ll only drop a couple of percentage points overnight.

Tap to wake

Well its the most versatile thing to have tap to wake feature on iPhone xr to see the time, notification unlock phone with pressing power button. access the torch and camera.

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