This article is all about top Top video editing software for youtube content creators, Not only for youtubers, any creator can go through this article. where they can turn their graphical concept to a video.

For any content creator story is ‘King’ of your production and the quality of your video is ‘Queen’.

I will be talking about only those software which are high end and used for TV news channel and Theater Films. So dont worry if you are new to the Video editing ecosystem maybe u can startup with these software to learn slowly and steadily .

If you are well know and experienced a lot on this software then you can find Video Editing jobs and you will get it for sure. So following are the two big daddy Video editing software;

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC (MAC and PC)

This video editing software has two-up workspace by default that sets the bigger source and program monitor side by side. You can also personalize the layout with great ease. Adobe Premiere is regarded as one of the best, along with Sony Vegas that’s a bit more user friendly. Though those are payed programs and the free ones are a bit lackluster.

It would all depend on what sort of edits you plan to be doing. If you’re just looking for something to control resolution and audio, you can make do with something simple, for example, a lot of recording devices come packaged with editing software. These programs are ideal.


  1. Improved Mercury Playback Engine
  2. Latest editing tools


  1. Highly expensive

Cost Price: £810 including VAT

2. Final Cut Pro X

The Final Cut Pro software is ranked as the most valuable when it comes to video editing software programs. The interface of the program is very easy to use and switching from one mode to another is not a problem to the user. The program is updated on a regular basis to ensure the user is always up to date with the new features available.


– Easy to use

– Regular upgrades


– The program sometimes crashes when used with Windows OS

Price: The program approximately costs $299.99.

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