There are many beginner youtuber’s  who are struggling for views and subscribers, YouTube Fanfest creator camp gave the ability to learn to move forward with improvement in video quality and also how to get engaged with your auidence and turn viewrs into subscribers.

The YouTube Fanfest brought the biggest online superstars under one roof for one night for this exclusive live show with a brilliant line-up of creators to entertain us with their personal brand of comedy, music, fashion, make-up and more, this Creator camp academy was lined up with many tutorials and new updates of youtube UI for content creators.

This YouTube Fanfest Creator Camp was held on 23 march, 2017 in Mumbai

At 2.00 pm we did registration and as usually registration ended up very late and then we were queued for 1 hr just for posting on Youtube community page so after posting we got a play button holder to stick on the back panel of the mobile to get a grip. Then the event started at around 4 pm with the Welcome note and Casey Neistat video. Then top youtubers with above 100k subs with greater fan base was on the Discussion panel for around 30 minutes and then they started with the academy session which was all about beginners. List below.


1. Mobile Live Streaming with SUPERCHAT

To let the content creator and viewers interact with each other with a live session video. A great feature introduced by YouTube. Yes it was also available earlier but now the announce new feature called ‘Superchat’ where viewer can donate any amount of money to the Content creator directly. Definitely it would be helpful for content creators to grow their channel.
But to enable this feature you need to surpass 10,000 subscribers. Mobile live streaming has been built directly into the YouTube mobile app which is very handy on a single click you are LIVE. Superchat enables the viewer to get highlighted and get the first preference for their query.
So live streaming with superchat made the content creator more easy to generate more revenue with YouTube.


2. Translating Tool

Translating Tool is nothing but the ‘cc’ (Community contributers/subtitles) where you add customize text for the speech or voice-overs . How important it is to translate video titles and descriptions, in addition to captions. it helps to rank up in SEO


3. End Screen

This helped the content creator to increase their views and getting engaged with the viewer by showing more content on a single click at the end of the video. End screen has their customize templates where creators can add upto 4 elements.

  1. Subscriber button
  2. Videos
  3. Linkback to channe
  4. Link of websitel


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Check out this video for live tutorial from SHREK94 channel

In the past three years, YouTube FanFest have built an amazing fan base and proved to be the biggest annual extravaganza for fans to meet and greet their favourite YouTube stars in person and watch their performance live.




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